Pest and Disease Diagnosis

Preservation and Construction

We manage the preservation of existing trees on new construction and remodeling. If you are planning on having heavy equipment, grade changes, excavation, or building in close proximity to desirable trees please call. Most projects can be managed at little cost but the damages could turn expensive.

Tree Risk Assessment

It is a good idea to have trees inspected regularly. Hazards can go unnoticed for years and when a tree is showing signs of illness or injury it is often too late to correct. We offer different levels of assessment and always provide detailed mitigation options.

Pest and Disease Diagnosis

Pest and Disease Diagnosis

The best way to protect your trees from pest and disease is to maintain a healthy and sustainable environment; this should begin well before any symptoms appear. If you have a tree that is already afflicted with a pest or disease, or you suspect it may be, let us inspect it and design a treatment plan for you.

Tree Inventory and Management Plans

This service is particularly valuable to large properties and commercial clients. Managing a tree care budget can be particularly daunting but with a tree inventory you will have a good starting point. Combined with basic risk assessments and hazard mitigation we can save you money in your emergency funds. We can identify and label trees of various vigor and desirability and help you decide how much to invest and where.

Young Tree Structure Pruning

Young trees in the urban environment often need pruning to develop a strong structure. Most trees survive well in the protection of the forest, without adequate protection trees can grow wildly in their open space. We can give your trees the care they need to be strong and beautiful for years to come.