I first called Manning Arboriculture to get advice about a tree that I thought would need to be felled. To my delight, board-certified Master Arborist Geoffrey Manning explained why the tree did not need to be felled and what the tree needed to keep it healthy, which was much cheaper for me than felling the tree would have been. He also identified other hazards that I had not noticed, gave me a detailed list of tree-by-tree recommendations and estimates, helped me prioritize projects with both tree health and budget in mind, and patiently answered my (many!) questions. The crew pruned two large trees and pruned and installed a cable in another large tree. They worked safely and efficiently. I am grateful and I bet the trees are too or their knowledge and hard work! I highly recommend Manning Arboriculture!

-Jill C.

See Your Trees in a Whole New Light

Manning Arboriculture provides tree care services in Roanoke, VA

The natural beauty of Roanoke, Virginia is something us arborists take pride in. You might enjoy hiking in our breathtaking forests or just relaxing under a flowering dogwood in the peak of spring. Did you know you can enjoy the magnificent beauty of our area right in your own backyard?

Folks who live in the Roanoke area trust Manning Arboriculture LLC for sustainable, attentive tree care services. You can trust our team of licensed arborists and experienced tree care specialists to bring beauty to your backyard.

3 tree care services offered by our Roanoke, VA arborists at Manning Arboriculture

If you're searching for knowledgeable tree care specialists in the Roanoke area, look no further than Manning Arboriculture. Here are our top three services:

    1. Tree pruning and preservation: We'll take your tree's appearance and health into consideration.
    2. Tree removal: Trust us to remove difficult trees that other companies might pass on.
    3. Root and soil health: We'll analyze your soil and determine how to promote root growth.

      Need assistance with something that's not specifically listed here? Call 540-268-TREE to see if we can provide the tree care service you're searching for.

Choose a tree care company with integrity

Here at Manning Arboriculture, we don't employ salespeople. When our dedicated crew members aren't 50 feet up in the air tending to your trees, they're answering your call and guiding you through the best solution for your tree care dilemma.

Each member of our crew is skilled and experienced. Two of our team members have degrees in forestry, and everyone we employ goes through extensive tree care training.

Get in touch with Manning Arboriculture today for a free estimate on residential or commercial tree removal, pruning or preservation in the Roanoke, VA area.